Fifth Avenue Window Mash Up (Post 5)

I have to admit that I never really looked at window displays when shopping and just went in the stores I loved to browse and/or shop in. But as I work my way through the industry and attend FIT, visual displays presentation on top of customer experience is a big part of drivers for sales. What is going to bring in customers off the street? That is why it is very important to understand the power of the window displays. Window displays not only show what the store is providing in store, but also are used to tell a story. The story could be that of a theme, color trend, and/or fashion trend or even brings forth the stores aesthetic. It very well may be whimsy or create shock value.

The window displays of Barneys (which I was assured was just changed.. and by all accounts appear to change their windows every two hours) for Comme de Garcon and Kenzo were bright and full of contrasting patterns and graphics. (click on picture to see it enlarged)

DKNY told a bright bold red, black and white story of stripes and mixing of patterns. The sneakers gave the windows a bit of young sporty vibe.

In contrast, Calvin Klein had a cool monochromatic approach to it’s displays. Leading me to believe that not all stores are following the bold color trends and leaning towards their usual aesthetic.

I am one of the fashion girls who wears all black a lot and you could say it is my uniform. So maybe this made me rethink my spring/summer wardrobe a bit. <— not really. LOL. But I was intrigued at the different window displays down Fifth Avenue.

Have you noticed any other cool window displays?