Stewart Weitzman FW2014 Trunk Show (7)

When I think of trunk shows, my first initial thought would be bridal. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it is always the case. Trunk shows are smaller presentations where people can buy items and/or place orders on items that can be purchased; where as runway shows are larger in scale. I have attended many different trunk shows. My first trunk show was Mochachino wh0 is a women and men’s designer. He held a trunk show out of a hotel room. We were given line sheets and look books of each item that was for sale. Our measurements were taken and then we placed an order. Another trunk show I attended was for an independent jewelry company who got together many different designers in one room to showcase their accessories. Trunk shows hosted by companies may travel from state to state, country to country with their goods. It really all boils down to brand awareness in my opinion. I really believe strongly in brands having trunk shows because sometimes you can learn about all kinds of different companies that aren’t necessarily big or well known, but make great products.

The video¬†below is of Stewart Weitzman’s trunk show for F/W 2014. What I liked about this video is that it did not portray the typical trunk show with items for sale; however, the company gave you a glimpse about how¬†their shoes are made and who they are as a company. It leaves you with a feeling of trust and knowing that you are getting quality items.