Fresh Start Post 1

Hi Fashion Cloners!

It literally has been a while. Two years to be exact. Last we met, I was on a journey to changing careers from law to fashion. I think I have been successful in doing so. Deets on a later post. However, this post is to reintroduce myself to you all in a sense and well to really introduce myself to fellow class mates most importantly. We were asked to create a blog for our Creative Presentations course and speak about some of the blogs we are loving right now. Since I already have one and it has not been active in almost two years, I figured let me wipe the slate clean and literally start anew. You will not find any old posts. I look forward to reintroducing myself and reconnecting with my old readers.

Back to the matter at hand… My assignment… Blogs I am loving at the moment:

Some blogs that I am really interested in right now range from natural style blogs (which have to do with afros/kinky/curly haired women) and people who are able to rework garments. Below are my top 3.


Be Loud Be You

I love Be Loud Be You because she really has a great sense of fashion with a side of quirkiness. I also loves when she vintage shops and reworks old grandma garments into fabulous items that we could wear today.


Olivia Palermo


She totally shed her mean girl reputation once she left ‘The City’ reality TV show… I love the way she mixes and matches patterns and colors. She also makes modern pieces look classic. She is the reason I own a few sleeveless structured blazers.


She Recycles Fashion

I think it is important to know how to bargain hunt and make things your own. And Carmen from the She Recycles Fashion blog does it so well. She also reworks clothing better than anyone I have seen do it.

In generally I really do not follow a ton of style blogs because I do not like to be influenced by others and what they are wearing. However, it is important to know what is trending and for that purpose, I keep up with some blogs and other fashion forecasting sites.

I promise my next post will be a little more fun. But if you haven’t checked out these sites, please do. They are amazing.

Ciao for now.