Pink Hair Don’t Care

I am a transitioning natural. I really wont get into the curl patterns, BC (big chop) and BSL (bra strap length) posts and length check updates and all of these technical buzz words a lot of naturals  use. All of our hairs are different and will take products and styles differently.  I have three different curl patterns in my head so my hair doesn’t really abide by the curl pattern rules. Anyone is feeling like me, and have read all the natural blogs and looked at some of these tutorials, and endless do and don’ts on going natural… you’ve realized like me that some of this shit just doesn’t work for you! LOL.

I have purple and pink hair. Having color treated hair on top of bleaching it, can cause some struggles with moisture retention, dryness and breakage; the issues are endless. Most natural hair blogs I’ve come across do not come from girls with colored hair and so the processes my hair endured differed dramatically. However, I will say my flexi rod curls are so much better thanks to Naptural85 tutorials! I ultimately want to share my struggles and triumphs with moisturizing and product trials. I want to connect with others who have hair like me and who have dyed their hair every color of the rainbow. And maybe we can help and inspire each other. Maybe you are having the same struggles as me and want to share, or have a product that has been amazing. I’d love to hear about it.

Below are pics of me through my almost year long transition:

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Every couple of weeks I cut about an inch off until the ends of my hair that are relaxed are gone. I still have about 2 inches left to cut off…

Until next check in!