3- Willow Smith

Willow Smith has really transformed her sound. Long are the days gone when she was whipping her hair back and forth. I first heard Willow’s new sound when she was performing at Fader Forth where she sang a few songs live. Her sound was smooth, elevated, and quirky. When her voice breaks ( I love hearing “mistakes”), it causes me to have these emotions about whatever she is singing about forcing me to actually listen to the words and what she is trying to say. I wont deny we’ve heard this sound before with the likes of FKA Twigs, Banks, Dawn Richard, and Floetry. Yet, this feels different. Its progressive and forward with a bit of Neo Soul . No one can deny that Willow’s sound has matured. I feel almost uncomfortable digging the sound of a teenager, but I cant stop listening to it. Willow’s EP 3 has three singles: 8, 9, and Flowers. I look forward to hearing what’s to come from Miss Smith. Listen below to my favorite single “9” off her album and let me know what you think.


Her live performance at FaderFort:

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