Spring/Summer 2015 Shoe Trends (Final Project 10)

Ive come to the finale of my Creative Presentations course.. Below is my final project video for Spring/Summer 2015 shoe trends. I chose not to do Spring/Summer 2016 because I believe in the buy now wear now approach to fashion. I would love to see something and buy it now, not order or wait until the stores have it. In which case, it would be cold out and would make no sense.

I enlisted my friends Alicia who is a well known fashion blogger. Look out for her in Lucky Mag soon! You can check her out on Instagram as well at @neonstylefox, Manny and Naomi also helped me out big time. They are my bests friends and had to endure this shoot that took a while.  Follow him @frenchmadeIV and Naomi @st0rm22. Oh, I’m @melzdastshill !

Moving along…. The trends I discussed were:  the bold sneaker trends, the fun oxfords, chunky heeled sandals power pump/spike trend,  the lace up and  woven trends which are shoes that are literally made of fabric in intricate patterns and raised so there is some texture and interest; and lastly the chunky heeled sandals in bold colors. S/S 15 is all about color and making a statement;

lIMG_20150416_211507 IMG_20150416_211544 IMG_20150416_211630 IMG_20150416_211653 IMG_20150416_211830 IMG_20150416_211941 IMG_20150416_212108

Here are some beauty shots from the shoot as well:

IMG_20150416_194104 IMG_20150416_202643 IMG_20150416_204845

And here is the video! I hope you enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Spring/Summer 2015 Shoe Trends (Final Project 10)

  1. What a great final project video! I loved how you were able to personalize the video by using clips that you had shot. You looked like you had a fun time doing it!

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