Kanye West /Marc Jacobs Campaigns

There are many different ways companies are creating hype surrounding their products and lines. Some ways are tried and true- advertising in magazines, mail outs and look books. Some of the new ways I like are: Marc by Marc Jacobs campaign for new models on Instagram. The search began as a contest for the new face of Marc Jacobs which lead into a new campaign using the social media platform. I have to say that I am not a fan of the Marc Jacobs line or diffusion line. But even that campaign got my attention. They used normal every day people that they found off the internet and social media: redhaired_man1 untitled

Kanye West x Adidas collaboration actually surprised me because of the hype surrounding the Yeezy Boosts sneakers. Behind this sneaker craze, Kanye also launched ready to wear collection with Adidas. The hype behind the sneakers drove interest into his line.  Kanye West happened to have an impressive front and second row at his presentation. His fashion show was simulcast at movie theaters country wide. Movie goers were able to experience the show as if they were front seat. I really think that is the new wave of reaching the masses. Making fashion shows accessible for all and not for a select few. Below are images of his show and Yeezy Boost sneakers

: 12 k kanye untitled 22

Please check out the video that streamed simultaneously in theaters:

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