The New Gucci (Post 4)

Things have been very buzzy over at the house of Gucci. Frida Giannini, Gucci’s now former Creative Director was ousted on her arse (I mean that respectfully), and Alessandro Michele, her head accessories designer, was tapped to literally redo the collection/make do and reinvent the collection in 7 days. Yes, you heard right, 7 days. According to the New York Times article by Matthew Schneier, the exit of Frida, changes down the to models and runway configuration breathed new life into Gucci. There has been some speculation for awhile that Gucci was loosing its sparkle. This shake-up is just what Gucci needed to get everyone talking about them again.


Now about the actual runway review? The author of the NYT article didn’t really give one as most of the focus was on the controversy of the changes in Gucci. However, I provided some of the runway looks courtesy of WWD below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ultimately, the collection was very strange and left me curious as to what the collection discarded on Frida’s departure looked like. Some of the descriptions the Times’ author used were:

– none given by author

– chiffon bow
– mink-lined men’s slippers
– signet rings

– none given by this author

– Chiffon
– Mink

– aesthetic significance
– ready-to-wear
– punky irreverence
– debonair fashion editor at large
– men’s wear bible, L’Uomo Vogue
– dreamy ambiguity pulsates throughout
– the machinations
– mixed elements
– Urban Romanticism
– younger and edgier

WWD’s Miles Socha used many words to describe the silhouettes and designs as: “…vaguely Seventies suits” and “shrunken sweaters, lace T-shirts and pajama-like pants”, “…silk chiffon bow blouses…. the shrunken military jackets with their deliberately too-short sleeves and furry cuff”.

I find that some author’s have their own spin on articles like the NYT author. Nonetheless it is clear that the fashion voice is a bit more descriptive and unique when it comes to describing clothing’s color, design, details and ambiance to relay to it’s readers.

I am looking forward to seeing what Gucci has in store this upcoming season.

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