Spring/Summer 2015 Shoe Trends (Final Project 10)

Ive come to the finale of my Creative Presentations course.. Below is my final project video for Spring/Summer 2015 shoe trends. I chose not to do Spring/Summer 2016 because I believe in the buy now wear now approach to fashion. I would love to see something and buy it now, not order or wait until the stores have it. In which case, it would be cold out and would make no sense.

I enlisted my friends Alicia who is a well known fashion blogger. Look out for her in Lucky Mag soon! You can check her out on Instagram as well at @neonstylefox, Manny and Naomi also helped me out big time. They are my bests friends and had to endure this shoot that took a while.  Follow him @frenchmadeIV and Naomi @st0rm22. Oh, I’m @melzdastshill !

Moving along…. The trends I discussed were:  the bold sneaker trends, the fun oxfords, chunky heeled sandals power pump/spike trend,  the lace up and  woven trends which are shoes that are literally made of fabric in intricate patterns and raised so there is some texture and interest; and lastly the chunky heeled sandals in bold colors. S/S 15 is all about color and making a statement;

lIMG_20150416_211507 IMG_20150416_211544 IMG_20150416_211630 IMG_20150416_211653 IMG_20150416_211830 IMG_20150416_211941 IMG_20150416_212108

Here are some beauty shots from the shoot as well:

IMG_20150416_194104 IMG_20150416_202643 IMG_20150416_204845

And here is the video! I hope you enjoy!

Kanye West /Marc Jacobs Campaigns

There are many different ways companies are creating hype surrounding their products and lines. Some ways are tried and true- advertising in magazines, mail outs and look books. Some of the new ways I like are: Marc by Marc Jacobs campaign for new models on Instagram. The search began as a contest for the new face of Marc Jacobs which lead into a new campaign using the social media platform. I have to say that I am not a fan of the Marc Jacobs line or diffusion line. But even that campaign got my attention. They used normal every day people that they found off the internet and social media: redhaired_man1 untitled

Kanye West x Adidas collaboration actually surprised me because of the hype surrounding the Yeezy Boosts sneakers. Behind this sneaker craze, Kanye also launched ready to wear collection with Adidas. The hype behind the sneakers drove interest into his line.  Kanye West happened to have an impressive front and second row at his presentation. His fashion show was simulcast at movie theaters country wide. Movie goers were able to experience the show as if they were front seat. I really think that is the new wave of reaching the masses. Making fashion shows accessible for all and not for a select few. Below are images of his show and Yeezy Boost sneakers

: 12 k kanye untitled 22

Please check out the video that streamed simultaneously in theaters:

Stewart Weitzman FW2014 Trunk Show (7)

When I think of trunk shows, my first initial thought would be bridal. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it is always the case. Trunk shows are smaller presentations where people can buy items and/or place orders on items that can be purchased; where as runway shows are larger in scale. I have attended many different trunk shows. My first trunk show was Mochachino wh0 is a women and men’s designer. He held a trunk show out of a hotel room. We were given line sheets and look books of each item that was for sale. Our measurements were taken and then we placed an order. Another trunk show I attended was for an independent jewelry company who got together many different designers in one room to showcase their accessories. Trunk shows hosted by companies may travel from state to state, country to country with their goods. It really all boils down to brand awareness in my opinion. I really believe strongly in brands having trunk shows because sometimes you can learn about all kinds of different companies that aren’t necessarily big or well known, but make great products.

The video below is of Stewart Weitzman’s trunk show for F/W 2014. What I liked about this video is that it did not portray the typical trunk show with items for sale; however, the company gave you a glimpse about how their shoes are made and who they are as a company. It leaves you with a feeling of trust and knowing that you are getting quality items.

The Louis Vuitton Train (Post 6)

I think my favorite show of all time is the Louis Vuitton Show from Fall/Winter 2013.  Nothing prepared me for this show and what I was witnessing. The show fascinated me because Marc Jacobs had his models walked down the runway by their very own porters carrying their Louis Vuitton bags. The shoes were chunky heeled platforms, almost mary janes like. The collection was for the sophisticated woman for sure. Top coats were adorned worth extra large buttons. I loved the color pallets in jewel tones: navy, plum, greens, and gold tones. It was a very whimsy show, starting with the train of course. The music added on to the whimsical elements. Check it out below and tell me you are not blown away!

Pink Hair Don’t Care

I am a transitioning natural. I really wont get into the curl patterns, BC (big chop) and BSL (bra strap length) posts and length check updates and all of these technical buzz words a lot of naturals  use. All of our hairs are different and will take products and styles differently.  I have three different curl patterns in my head so my hair doesn’t really abide by the curl pattern rules. Anyone is feeling like me, and have read all the natural blogs and looked at some of these tutorials, and endless do and don’ts on going natural… you’ve realized like me that some of this shit just doesn’t work for you! LOL.

I have purple and pink hair. Having color treated hair on top of bleaching it, can cause some struggles with moisture retention, dryness and breakage; the issues are endless. Most natural hair blogs I’ve come across do not come from girls with colored hair and so the processes my hair endured differed dramatically. However, I will say my flexi rod curls are so much better thanks to Naptural85 tutorials! I ultimately want to share my struggles and triumphs with moisturizing and product trials. I want to connect with others who have hair like me and who have dyed their hair every color of the rainbow. And maybe we can help and inspire each other. Maybe you are having the same struggles as me and want to share, or have a product that has been amazing. I’d love to hear about it.

Below are pics of me through my almost year long transition:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Every couple of weeks I cut about an inch off until the ends of my hair that are relaxed are gone. I still have about 2 inches left to cut off…

Until next check in!


Fifth Avenue Window Mash Up (Post 5)

I have to admit that I never really looked at window displays when shopping and just went in the stores I loved to browse and/or shop in. But as I work my way through the industry and attend FIT, visual displays presentation on top of customer experience is a big part of drivers for sales. What is going to bring in customers off the street? That is why it is very important to understand the power of the window displays. Window displays not only show what the store is providing in store, but also are used to tell a story. The story could be that of a theme, color trend, and/or fashion trend or even brings forth the stores aesthetic. It very well may be whimsy or create shock value.

The window displays of Barneys (which I was assured was just changed.. and by all accounts appear to change their windows every two hours) for Comme de Garcon and Kenzo were bright and full of contrasting patterns and graphics. (click on picture to see it enlarged)

DKNY told a bright bold red, black and white story of stripes and mixing of patterns. The sneakers gave the windows a bit of young sporty vibe.

In contrast, Calvin Klein had a cool monochromatic approach to it’s displays. Leading me to believe that not all stores are following the bold color trends and leaning towards their usual aesthetic.

I am one of the fashion girls who wears all black a lot and you could say it is my uniform. So maybe this made me rethink my spring/summer wardrobe a bit. <— not really. LOL. But I was intrigued at the different window displays down Fifth Avenue.

Have you noticed any other cool window displays?

The New Gucci (Post 4)

Things have been very buzzy over at the house of Gucci. Frida Giannini, Gucci’s now former Creative Director was ousted on her arse (I mean that respectfully), and Alessandro Michele, her head accessories designer, was tapped to literally redo the collection/make do and reinvent the collection in 7 days. Yes, you heard right, 7 days. According to the New York Times article by Matthew Schneier, the exit of Frida, changes down the to models and runway configuration breathed new life into Gucci. There has been some speculation for awhile that Gucci was loosing its sparkle. This shake-up is just what Gucci needed to get everyone talking about them again.


Now about the actual runway review? The author of the NYT article didn’t really give one as most of the focus was on the controversy of the changes in Gucci. However, I provided some of the runway looks courtesy of WWD below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ultimately, the collection was very strange and left me curious as to what the collection discarded on Frida’s departure looked like. Some of the descriptions the Times’ author used were:

– none given by author

– chiffon bow
– mink-lined men’s slippers
– signet rings

– none given by this author

– Chiffon
– Mink

– aesthetic significance
– ready-to-wear
– punky irreverence
– debonair fashion editor at large
– men’s wear bible, L’Uomo Vogue
– dreamy ambiguity pulsates throughout
– the machinations
– mixed elements
– Urban Romanticism
– younger and edgier

WWD’s Miles Socha used many words to describe the silhouettes and designs as: “…vaguely Seventies suits” and “shrunken sweaters, lace T-shirts and pajama-like pants”, “…silk chiffon bow blouses…. the shrunken military jackets with their deliberately too-short sleeves and furry cuff”.

I find that some author’s have their own spin on articles like the NYT author. Nonetheless it is clear that the fashion voice is a bit more descriptive and unique when it comes to describing clothing’s color, design, details and ambiance to relay to it’s readers.

I am looking forward to seeing what Gucci has in store this upcoming season.

Take It To The Streets

Look, I just have way toooo many summer shoes and nowhere to wear them. I know some of you may relate. If you follow any of the trends out, pairing socks with your sandals and open toe shoes are all the rage among some fashionistas. I like to call it winterizing your summer wear.  Much like how you would pair thick opaque stockings with your skirts or wear collar shirts underneath your sleeveless dresses, pairing socks with your sandals is a great way to add some miles to your summer shoes in the winter. You may get a little cold, LOL, you may not. Depends on how far you would go for fashion. Below is a pic of my GX/Gwen Stefani for Shoedazzle sandal lace up bootie (yes its exactly how I described it) that I paired with TOP SHOP ruffled socks. Personally, I get stopped all the time when I wear these heels, even more so paired with cool girly frilly socks. You can wear this with pencil skirts, pants, joggers, skirts in any form from tulip to midi, really just about any way you like.  Give it a try and let me know how trying this styling works for you.


Open Toe Sneakers (Post 2)

One trend that doesn’t seem to be dying is our obsession with sportswear. Men and women alike are really dressing down their serious attire and dressing up their off duty style. For S/S 15 we saw designers send down the runway athletic inspired shoes and apparel for women who wanted to be sporty yet feminine. For Spring ’16 forecasts call for the sportswear/activewear trend to take it up a notch with open toe sneakers. I think this item will be a key item because as the trends continue to lean towards off duty styles and athletic wear, this item provides women with an alternative to either dress up their off duty styles without sacrificing that just thrown together look or even dressing down their work attire for a more eclectic take.

Below are some indications of what’s to come for Spring ’16:


As you can see, pretty much the body of the sneaker has been eliminated, making it almost like a Birkenstock but not. KTZ also sent down the runway open toe sneakers:




There have been many attempts to make this trend happen. We saw similar version in 2009 and 2014 on the runways. Rita Ora is wearing this Jeremy Scott design for Adidas below in 2014.




I think the trend is still in the culmination stage but will catch on soon enough as we continue to see active wear becoming more and more popular.

Credits: WGSN, Trend Council and Stylesight

Fresh Start Post 1

Hi Fashion Cloners!

It literally has been a while. Two years to be exact. Last we met, I was on a journey to changing careers from law to fashion. I think I have been successful in doing so. Deets on a later post. However, this post is to reintroduce myself to you all in a sense and well to really introduce myself to fellow class mates most importantly. We were asked to create a blog for our Creative Presentations course and speak about some of the blogs we are loving right now. Since I already have one and it has not been active in almost two years, I figured let me wipe the slate clean and literally start anew. You will not find any old posts. I look forward to reintroducing myself and reconnecting with my old readers.

Back to the matter at hand… My assignment… Blogs I am loving at the moment:

Some blogs that I am really interested in right now range from natural style blogs (which have to do with afros/kinky/curly haired women) and people who are able to rework garments. Below are my top 3.


Be Loud Be You

I love Be Loud Be You because she really has a great sense of fashion with a side of quirkiness. I also loves when she vintage shops and reworks old grandma garments into fabulous items that we could wear today.


Olivia Palermo


She totally shed her mean girl reputation once she left ‘The City’ reality TV show… I love the way she mixes and matches patterns and colors. She also makes modern pieces look classic. She is the reason I own a few sleeveless structured blazers.


She Recycles Fashion

I think it is important to know how to bargain hunt and make things your own. And Carmen from the She Recycles Fashion blog does it so well. She also reworks clothing better than anyone I have seen do it.

In generally I really do not follow a ton of style blogs because I do not like to be influenced by others and what they are wearing. However, it is important to know what is trending and for that purpose, I keep up with some blogs and other fashion forecasting sites.

I promise my next post will be a little more fun. But if you haven’t checked out these sites, please do. They are amazing.

Ciao for now.